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Mold Design
  The R& D Department is equipped with more than 10 experienced mould engineers who are very good at the professional software, like Pro-E, UG, AutoCAD, MoldFlow and so on. We can provide our customers various complete solutions cover the product design and mould construction design.  
  Yichuan Mould is able to do the flow analysis by using the MOLDFLOW software. The flow analysis imitates the whole injection process. By doing such analysis, the moulds are further guaranteed to inject the qualifed product when they are put into use.  
What is mold design? A complete solution for mold design Solid Edge Mold Tooling is the cornerstone of a complete mold design solution that helps transform ideas into deliverable products faster and at lower cost by addressing challenges that are unique to the industry. Solid Edge helps both OEMs and dedicated mold shops overcome these challenges by combining industry-leading capabilities for data import, cleanup and shape modeling with a proven set of mold design automation tools, unparalleled documentation capabilities and seamless integration with best-in-class analysis and manufacturing solutions.

And Solid Edge is the first mold design solution to address the real source of bottlenecks – OEM/ supplier communications. Solid Edge’s industry-leading design management applications help you service your customers better by providing tools for managing design data, automating process workflows such as design reviews and enabling native view and markup of designs. Whether your customers are next door, or half way around the globe, improved communications mean minimized changes and reduced delivery times.

“With the addition of Solid Edge Mold Design to our existing Solid Edge software, we have been able to rapidly generate mold base components and document the whole process to our standards. We believe that the addition of Mold Design software will increase our productivity which in turn allows us to assist our customers to reduce their speed to market for new products. This improvement is key for the longer term growth and prosperity of both Camtech and the customer base we supply. Solid Edge Mold Design is an excellent design wizard for the Plastic Tooling industry”.There are two ways for mold design, one is injection mold design, other is blowing mold design.

moulds design
moulds design
moulds design
moulds design
 CAD For Mold Design
mold design
Technical And Design
A good mold starts with good mold design.Yichuan mold brings in the advanced mold design and production process from home and aboard,using the appropriate material.
We visit our customers regularly,accepting the suggestions from customers and improving ourselves.
Mold Design Example
  Here are a few sample designs to view. If you want to more, please contact us!
  Scoop Mould
Scoop Mould(Former)
Scoop Mould(After)
  Cosmetic Mould
Cosmetic Mould(Former)
Cosmetic Mould(After)
Shampoo Cap(Sample)
  Cosmetic Clamshell Mould
Cosmetic Mould(Former)
Cosmetic Mould(After)
Shampoo Cap(Sample)
  Scoop Mould
Scoop Mould(Former)
Scoop Mould(After)
  Turn Box Mould
Turn Box Mould(Former)
Turn Box Mould(After)
Turn Box(Sample)
Mold Design Example For PDF
  Here are a few sample designs to view. Click on any of the links to see an enlarged view. Adobe Acrobat Viewer required.
mold design sample 1 mold design sample 2 mold design sample 3 mold design sample 4 mold design sample 5
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